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Workers Compensation for Truckers

When you are a business owner, you have too many truck drivers in your company. Drivers work for you 24/7. they might me get injured while on the road or on the job. you could be empty handed or your bank account could be empty very soon, if you had to pay their medical bills out of your pocket.
Workers comp covers your truck drivers if they are injured while working for you.
The Common injuries for truck drivers:
1. Injuries sustained in an accident

2. Injuries loading or unloading freight
3. Injuries making roadside repairs on the truck
4. Slip and Fall entering or exiting the truck

This is also commonly called Workman’s compensation, but if you haven’t noticed, there is a growing number of lady truckers. So workers compensation is now the standard term.

Workers Compensation Codes for Transportation Companies

A big part of the rate you will pay for WC is how your operation is classified. The insurance companies use the following class codes. Make sure you are classified correctly!
1)  7219 – Local and Long Haul Truckers Workers Comp – In the past, see below, the truckers were classified based on radius. No longer! 7219 is a catchall for all most types of truckers.

2) 7228 – Local / Short Haul Trucking Workers Comp – (Old Code) If you haul goods for other people and travel less than 200 miles, then this is most likely going to be your code. Drive away operations, dump trucks, towing operations can also fall under this code.

3) 7229 – Long Haul Trucking Workers Comp – (Old Code) If you haul goods for other people (for-hire) and travel over 200 miles from your garaging location, then this is most likely going to be your code. Interstate trucking workers comp is almost always this code. Long distance drive away operations would also be here.

4) 7230 – Trucking: Package or Parcel / Delivery Drivers Workers Comp – This class covers most operations that deliver goods from retail stores directly to consumers. These are company owned goods. Think furniture stores.

5) 7231 – Mail Deliver and Couriers Workers Comp- Definition of Workers Compensation Code 7232: This classification is for mail parcel or package delivery specifically for contracts with the U.S. postal service. Applies to risks engaged under contract to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery of mail involving letters, parcels, packages, sacks, pallets, and rolling containers. Includes both U.S. Postal Service contract mail delivery performed on a bulk basis as well as on an individual letter, parcel or package basis.

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