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Trucker’s primary liability

Primary liabiilty for commercial trucks vs General Liability Insurance. These two coverages can sometime be confusing. Primary liability commercail insurance truck insurance covers:
  • What Primary Liability does not cover: Theft is not covered. Nor is your bodily injury or damage to your truck. If a slip and fall accident occurs at your place of business will be covered by a truckers general liability policy and not your primary liability insurance policy.
  • What does Primary Liability Insurance cover: Primary insurance is required to be in place to protect the public. Primary Insurance will be your main truck insurance coverage. This coverage will cover and pay for damage which result bodily injury and property damage to others cause by your truck while it is on the road.

The minimum amount of primary liability is set by the FMSCA.

Requirements for Truckers GL Insurance

General Liability Insurance is not to be confused with Primary Liability Insurance. As a prerequisite to adding General Liability to your truck policy, you must already have in place a Primary liability policy.

Some truck insurance companies also won’t cover you if you haul certain commodities like tobacco or hazardous materials, so you may have to talk to a few brokers. We can help you with that.

Lower your General Liability Cost

Let’s face it. These policies aren’t cheap. Truckers that shop around and can communicate their specific needs to the agents can and will lower their premiums. We can help you by bringing 3 agents to you that will provide your with 3 quotes. This is the easiest way to comparison shop such a complicated policy. All you need to do is fill out our quote form and we will bring you your agents.

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