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Truck Insurance for New Drivers and New Ventures

Just got your authority and need insurance? You may have found that getting the best deal on truck insurance is tough when you are a new venture.

Truck Insurance Tips for New Drivers

  1. Shop around. Some insurance carriers are wary of new cdl drivers so it pays to shop around and find the companies that are competitive with new trucking operations.
  2. Radius of Operation. In the beginning, the insurance company may limit your radius of operation. Make sure your business plan allows for a smaller radius in the beginning. As you gain more experience you can increase the distance you haul goods.
  3. Personal Credit. Truck insurance companies have found that there is a correlation between your credit score and the possibility of future claims. Do what you can to bring up your score in order to qualify for the best rates.
  4. CDL experience. If you have less than 2 years CDL experience, it will be difficult to find insurance and get the best price.
  5. Shop your policy again in 12 months. After you get insurance, check back in a year to see if you qualify for a lower rate. Some nice claims free experience goes a long way in reducing your premiums.
  6. Above all, stay safe. Check your SAFER scores online and try to keep it clean. Out of Services infractions will translate into higher premiums. It pays to be safe.

Find the Best New Venture Trucking Insurance Company

There are many companies who will provide new ventures, but most of the companies are very expensive but not of the all company there are many companies out there that have very good rates for new drivers. truckers just need to find them and get best quotes. you can save several thousand dollars in your first year premium by finding the right company.

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