non trucking liability insurance

Non Trucking Liability Insurance

Many truckers need this coverage because there will be times that the truck is driven for personal reasons. For instance you may drive the truck home or to the truck wash between hauling loads. Non-trucking liability insurance offers payments for property damage or injuries that you cause while the truck is not being used for business purposes.  Another use for this coverage is when you need temporary bobtail insurance. Instances where you might need a short term bobtail insurance would be when you bought a truck and need to drive it home before launching your business.

Bobtail Insurance vs Non-Trucking Liability

Non-trucking liability insurance and bobtail commercial insurance coverage are often confused with each other because of their similarities. Primary liability coverage is mandatory for all truckers and your Motor Carrier provides this.  These additional types of liability coverage can offer coverage for situations that fall between the cracks.  An accident in your truck could happen at anytime when it is in use.  Knowing how you will be using your truck will help determine how much of these coverages you will need. You don’t want to have an Achilles heel exposed that could take down your livelihood.

Bobtail Insurance Cost

How much would a typical bobtail policy with a $1,000,000 limit cost? Most prices range from $35-$60 monthly for that amount of coverage. Make sure you read the fine print and find out what’s covered and what’s excluded when comparing polices.

Getting bobtail insurance for your semi truck is a must and your lease agreement usually requires specific details you need with this coverage. We make it easy to get multiple bobtail quotes. Simply fill out our short form here and we will have 3 truck insurance agents in your state competing for your bobtail and collision insurance.

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