motor truck cargo insurance

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Want the best deal on your Cargo Insurance?When your products are being shipped from  manufacturer to marketplace, it is important to ensure they are fully protected from departure to arrival.When protecting your cargo, make sure your insurance covers you no matter the risk — stolen goods, wet load, refrigeration breakdown, debris removal, etc. Cargo insurance provides financial assistance should cargo be damaged or lost when travelling by land, sea or air. It’s very important to have a cargo policy that is Broad Form

single Cargo Insurance vs a Package?

Here are various factors that drive cargo insurance premiums such as limits and the types of goods you are traverse. One thing to consider is whether it’s cheaper to get single cargo coverage, or if you come out ahead when bundling the cargo insurance with your primary liability and physical damage coverages. It would be wise to shop it both ways.

Coverage Details and Features

1. Flexible limits to meet all needs
2. Package and monoline policies available
4. Refrigeration coverage
5. Breakdown coverage
6. Loading and unloading
7. Rigging exposures
8. Interstate and intrastate filings available
9. Nationwide coverage available

Motor Truck Cargo Limits

The insurance companies set a standard for paying the fund of policy. they will only pay up to max limit of fund in the policy they wrote for you. Typically limits range of policy is from $50,000 to $250,000. When you pick up a load your client is going to want to see a copy of your cargo insurance certificate

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