Trucking Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: As a new owner-operator recently leased to a motor carrier I was advised by the carrier that they will supply the Primary Liability and Cargo insurance I need whenever I move freight for them. My lease contract says I need Non-Trucking Liability coverage. Why do I need that coverage and for what reason?
  • A: To fulfill the lease agreement with your motor carrier you must have Non-Trucking Liability protection. This covers your liability while not under dispatch.
  • Q: My truck has been parked due to my illness. I have physical damage insurance on the truck, but because finances are so tight do I have to keep the insurance since my truck is not moving?
  • A: You may cancel your physical damage coverage at any time. However, if you have a lien holder on your truck, they will probably insist that you continue your coverage in order to protect their financial interests. Even though your truck is parked you are still at risk for theft, vandalism, or other damage such as fire, wind or hail. So you may want to keep your coverage to protect your own interests. If you continue having trouble paying your insurance, call our office and we will try to assist you with special payment arrangements.
  • Q: I have Non-trucking Liability insurance but recently have been in a situation where the coverage may not be correct. For example, if I deliver a load to a terminal in a suburb of Toledo and then drive into Toledo to pick up a load there, will my Non-trucking Liability insurance extend to the distance between the two loads?
  • A: You will not be covered as the Non-trucking Liability insurance is limited coverage. Your present Non-trucking Liability coverage will only protect leased owner-operators while the truck is being operated for personal convenience and only after you have reached your place of garaging before departing again. Your current coverage will not protect you while driving to and from work or to the repair shop. If your motor carrier dispatches you to Toledo to pick up a load, their liability insurance should provide the coverage you need. For your protection, you should make sure that the motor carrier is actually dispatching you and not just advising you that there is a load in Toledo or elsewhere should you choose to take it. If you’re pulling your own trailer, make sure your motor carrier is actually dispatching you for a load as some carriers have attempted to deny responsibility for claims that occur during these situations. You might want to talk with your insurance agent about an Unladen Liability policy.
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