Coverage Options for truckers

First things first, it’s helpful to understand the coverages you’ll need for your new trucking operation. Here are the common ones:

General Liability Coverage

Truckers General Liability Coverage —This cover those driver who is working on someone else's premises, like truck shop and loading the docks, it is also covers mistake of the driver.

Primary Liability Coverage

Primary Liability Coverage — This insurance cover the damage you may do to other while drive your truck. it does not cover your truck.

Physical Damage Coverage

Physical Damage Coverage — Provides coverage to repair or replace damage to your equipment in the event of an accident or theft.

Non-Trucking Liability Coverage

Non-Trucking Liability Coverage — Coverage for damages or injuries to others while the truck is not under dispatch from the company you are currently leased on with.

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage — When protecting your cargo, make sure your insurance covers you no matter the risk — stolen goods, wet load, refrigeration breakdown, debris removal, etc. It’s very important to have a cargo policy that is Broad Form and not Specified Perils (more on that later).

Trailer Interchange

Trailer Interchange — Covers a non-owned trailer being used under a trailer interchange agreement.

Medical Payment

Medical Payment — This covers medical bills if you or a passenger is injured while driving or riding in the tractor (this coverage varies from state to state).

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

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